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September was National Preparedness Month. Most of you understand what that means with hurricanes rolling through this time of year.

For those that somehow missed it, a different Storm of unprecedented proportions is brewing and will likely make landfall soon. Should it be named, it will be called Justice.

It could strike just about anywhere across these United States and around the globe. And in many places at once. The response to The Storm will be uncertain.

The only certainty is that an unprecedented enemy of the American Republic, foreign and domestic, will do what it can to avoid this reckoning and a return to Constitutional Rule of Law.

By any means necessary.

My family and close friends have been preparing a long time for this. And yet I found this video a measured yet stark reminder of what we may be facing in the coming weeks.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know this is not another internet episode of doom porn. Listen up and buckle up. Get yourselves squared away.

Stay strong. Stay together. God Bless.


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